What We Believe

We believe:

The Mission of Grace Episcopal Church is to be a welcoming community of faith guided by the life and teachings of Jesus.  At Grace Church you will discover an enthusiastic group of open-minded people who value spiritual growth, corporate worship, life-long learning, and service to others.  Please join us!

Deeply rooted in the Episcopal Church and its emphasis on life in Christian community, Grace Church affirms the uniqueness and individuality of each person’s spiritual journey.  Here you will find mutual respect and the free exchange of ideas in a nurturing environment.  It is safe to think aloud about your faith journey and to hear the stories of other people whose journeys may be similar or quite different.  All are welcome here!

We Invite.

We are known for our engaging and beautiful worship services.  For those who have grown up Roman Catholic, the service known as the Mass, Eucharist, or Holy Communion will be familiar.  For those of reformed tradition or those with no religious tradition, we think you may find a spiritual home in a church that respects its tradition and maintains its sense of awe and wonder at the power and mystery of God.

We Welcome.

We celebrate diversity of people and worship styles.  Our worship follows the form set out in the Book of Common PrayerThe Episcopal Church follows the “via media” or middle way in our theology and discussions.

There are no prerequisites in The Episcopal Church.

We Connect.

An Episcopalian is a person who belongs to The Episcopal Church, which encompasses churches in the United States and 16 countries.  These include: Taiwan, Micronesia, Honduras, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Churches in Europe, (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland). The Episcopal Church is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina

We are 49,000 people gathered into 111 congregations and 10 campus ministries throughout 38 counties in the central part of North Carolina, from Iredell County to Edgecombe County, and from Caswell County to Scotland County.  Our vision as a diocese is to be a community of disciples committed to following Jesus Christ into the dream of God for us and for all creation, in Becoming Beloved Community.

Our mission is simple: Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Diocese of North Carolina seeks to live God’s dream by making disciples and making a difference. We do so by practicing The Way of Love and building joyful congregations and other communities of faith into Becoming Beloved Community, centered on the Gospel, in the communion of The Episcopal Church.

What Makes Us Christians?          What Makes Us Anglican?

Frequently Asked Questions about Prayer and Worship

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