RITE 13 meets Sunday evenings from 5:00-5:45 in the outdoor space beginning April 18.

On Sunday, April 18, Rite 13 made new aprons for the Sunday lunch program with the help of Kathy Johnson and Kathie Goodman. 

Thank you to Chris Hodges and Kathie Goodman for donating all of the materials.  And a special thank you to Cooper Petruzzi for his Instagram help!

The Rite 13 class is an integral part of the Journey to Adulthood program. The Rite 13 curriculum assists young people as they take the first steps of passage away from their families and into their own lives. The liturgical centerpiece of this group is the Rite 13 ceremony, which celebrates the passage from childhood to manhood and womanhood. During these two years, the community acknowledges the gift of gender, celebrates the amazing creative power and potential for these young people, and creates a safe haven to explore new ideas, new interests, and new abilities.

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