AAG Scholarship Application

Arts Academy at Grace Scholarship Policies
Financial Aid Scholarships

Arts Academy at Grace provides financial assistance to students based on household size, family income, and the availability of funds. Funding varies by semester and families must re-apply for financial assistance annually.

• Financial aid funds are limited and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Families must reapply each summer for the upcoming academic year.

• Applications are due one week prior to the first class or lesson.

• Financial Aid awards are applied as a percentage reduction of the total tuition charges, with a limit of one program per student.

• Students are expected to attend all lessons and classes. Students who miss more than 2 consecutive classes will be ineligible for Financial Aid the following semester. Unusual or extenuating circumstances (i.e. illness) should be discussed with the director.

• Financial Aid may be decreased or terminated if a student demonstrates a low level of commitment to their lessons or classes.

• Families with an unpaid balance at the end of any semester automatically forfeit any financial aid for the following semester.

• Only one application per family is required.

• A student may receive a scholarship for only one area of study per semester.

• Please notify the director if your financial situation changes during the year.

• To be eligible for tuition assistance, parents or legal guardians must provide the following:

➢ Photocopy of latest Federal income tax return
➢ Photocopy of previous 2 months pay stubs for all wage earners in the family

• Any extenuating circumstances should be noted on the application.

eligibility for a scholarship. All financial paperwork submitted will be shredded after review.

Applications will not be considered complete for review until all materials have been supplied.

For questions concerning the Financial Aid application, please contact the Academy Director.
(336) 249-7211

Merit Scholarships

• Merit scholarships are awarded to students for outstanding effort, talent, and proficiency.
• Candidates must be recommended by their teachers and approved by the director.
• Only partial scholarships are available.
• Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis.
• Scholarships may be terminated if a student demonstrates a low level of commitment to their lessons or classes.

Applications should be submitted to the attention of the Academy Director at the academy office:
Arts Academy at Grace
419 South Main Street
Lexington, NC 27292-3234

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