Annual Pisgah Camping Trip June 2018

There were 84 individuals there this year – 44 adults and 40 children (under 18). The youngest child was Trinity Sheets, Suzy & Glenn’s granddaughter, at 9 months.

The largest night was Friday with 71- 34 adults and 37 children.

There were five family groups with three full generations of “Pisgahpalians” in attendance–

  • Richard’s son Paul was there with his daughter Michelle and her two children, Miles and Theo. Miles and Theo would be 4th generation. 
  • Karl and Mary, Robin with Eric, Cooper and Analiese.
  • Glenn and Suzy Sheets had Logan and his three children, Tanner, Tucker, and Trinity, as well as their daughter Hilary and her son Aiden. 
  • Bill and Belvie had Anna there with her twins, Lainey and Flynn.
  • Steve Smith (Dan’s brother) was there with his son Mark and grandkids Elliott and Emory. 

There were also some 3rd generation Pisgahpalians present, too.

  • Owen Miller- Jay and Mary Williams’ grandson
  • Miles Stoner, Skip Stoner’s grandson
  • Dan Smith’s four grandchildren – Claire, Zachary, Frederick, & Sebastien (dad-Scott)
  • Wilson Carter’s grandchildren – Sam and Jane Stevens (mom-Sarah)

Around the campfire on Friday night, we did a special service to remember Richard Thomas, aka “Father Pisgah” as well as other Pisgahpalians who have passed. Sims Riggan gave us a recording of a session several years ago where Richard and Fred McIntyre talked to the JTA group about Grace Church and their experience there and in Lexington. Richard talked a good bit about Pisgah. Belvie was able to pull out about 10 minutes and, after much ado, we were able to play it for the group (and they were amazingly quiet!). Richard talked about his family coming to Lexington and settling on Grace as their church home. He told about the beginning of the trip back in 1969 as a special treat for the male acolytes and the transition over the years to a community family event. He talked about the special community that forms each year during the trip and especially getting to know people in a whole different way than you can know them in an hour a week each Sunday. During the sharing time, his son, Paul, talked about being on that first trip and other memories of those early years.

There was a little bird that hung around the campfire circle (and picnic tables…) who would get real close. Wouldn’t let you touch it, but would come within a couple of feet of people. Some of the kids tried to catch it, but it would fly out of their reach. There were a couple of snakes seen, but no definitive identification as to variety.

The hit of every day, of course, is S’mores around the campfire. It did rain a few times in the afternoon, but never during S’more Time!

For more information, contact John Burke or Belvie and Bill Gilleland.

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