Arts Academy Policies

The Arts Academy at Grace welcomes all students, regardless of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, gender, or age.

When you enroll in the Academy, you are committing for the entire session fee (fall or spring) whether or not you attend the lessons. This is necessary because a teacher, studio space and time are reserved for you for the entire session.


The returned check charge is $25.00. The returned check fee, along with the check amount, must be paid in cash within 10 days of student notification.

Refunds are not given for missed lessons. As a courtesy to your teacher, please call the Academy at 336-249-7211 if you need to cancel a lesson for any reason. (It is best for students who are sick not to come to lessons. This helps keep other students and our staff healthy!) However, notifying the teacher in advance of an absence does not require the teacher to make up the lesson. The teacher may choose to make up the lesson when there are extenuating circumstances (i.e. illness), but is not required to do so.

If a teacher misses a lesson or must cancel, the teacher is required to reschedule the lesson at a mutually convenient time.

Refunds can only be granted in case of documented medical emergency or unusual, extenuating circumstances. Request for refunds/withdrawals must be made in writing. Please discuss any such situation with the director.

Tuition varies according to the type and length of the lesson. Tuition fees can be paid by the semester or in a monthly installment. Tuition payments on either the semester or monthly plan are due in advance of the lessons. For example, the fee for October lessons is due by September 30.

Tuition for private music lessons does not include printed materials. Students may buy books and sheet music through the Academy or from any retail outlet. Your instructor will let you know what books, etc. you will need.

Supplies for art lessons are included in the cost of classes unless otherwise stated.

The Academy reserves the right to cancel classes/lessons with insufficient enrollment. In the event that a class is cancelled, tuition will be refunded.

In cases of inclement weather or unsafe road conditions, classes may be canceled. An attempt will be made to contact students by phone or email. A message will also be recorded on our answering system. If you are not sure whether the Academy is open or not, please call ( 336-249-7211 ). Missed lessons due to the Academy’s closing will be made up.

Students might be photographed at various Academy functions. These photos may be used for publications or on our website. In such cases, you agree not to seek compensation, recognition, or acknowledgement.


  • Please help us care for our facilities by NOT bringing food or drink (except water) to your lessons.
  • Students should arrive and be picked up on time for their lessons. For their own safety, students should wait inside the building until someone arrives to pick them up.
  • Please use the office phone for emergencies only.
  • Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or express any concerns you might have. The staff is here to serve you and we’re always happy to help in any way possible.

Students and their siblings should be on their best behavior while at the Arts Academy. Students are expected to treat each other, parents, teachers and staff with respect. Parents, please do not allow children to run, yell, or play in the halls, restrooms or other parts of the building, or allow them to enter the church office without parental supervision.

Partial scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, student interest and available funds. Applicants must complete and return a scholarship request and registration form at least one week prior to the first class. Please call our office for more information at 336-249-7211.

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