Adult Forum

How to Live a Kingdom Life
A Fall Series by Ed Kelaher, Rector
Sundays at 9:30 in our Parish Hall

Living a life of joy and fulfillment in Jesus, while being a citizen of the Kingdom of God here on earth, is a challenge for each of us. Even the best-intended folks slip into a swirl of cultural ways, standards, issues, and priorities that are not really of His Kingdom. When we wonder why we are not at peace and why we might be confused or disturbed in our spirits, it’s usually because we have been alienated from our true identity as children of God and citizens of His Kingdom. Being a citizen of the Kingdom is very different than being a citizen of our culture and society.

For several weeks until the end of this year, our Sunday Rector’s Forum will be focused on how to live a genuine Kingdom life. We will learn about simple, basic, yet foundational disciplines. Our focus will be on the ways to live the life God intends for us, rather than a life so many of us have designed for ourselves or have accepted from the world around us. Living a true biblical life brings with it the fruit of the Holy Spirit and all the promises God has made for us.

We will start Sunday, October 24 at 9:30 with the most important building block of all.


We will use some fun videos and some practical handouts to bring rookie and veteran praying folks to a new and exciting understanding of prayer. We will spend one or more weeks on this spiritual delight, as we may feel the need to do.

After our lessons on Prayer, we will tackle such biblically-centered topics as:
 How to discern God’s voice and will in our lives and our decision making.
 How to survive the storms of life.
 How to have a grateful and content spirit.
 How to give and receive forgiveness and grace – even in extreme circumstances.
 How to trust God with your life and choices.
 How to know your identity as a child of God, genuinely and finally.
 How to be unafraid of the Last Things, death, judgment, Heaven, and Hell.
 How to follow Jesus as a true disciple and believer.
 How to be joyful in all circumstances.

Cole Riggan, Fulbright Scholar from Grace Church, recounting his year long experience living and teaching in Malaysia during an Adult Forum in the Undercroft.

“We have sought to be open to new concepts and to support diversity and equality.  Experience in this church community has taught me the philosophy of: ‘I am because we are.'”

If you are interested in small group study, please contact Carrie Ingram at

“I value the forward thinking and leadership of our members.  Their willingness to accept all who enter, to think outside of the box when discussing theological and current issues and to not be afraid of open discussion.”

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